This is a message from your Superintendent Mr. David Stover. 

Parents, I hope you and your families had a great holiday and were able to spend some quality time together.  I wanted to thank you all for what you and your students do to make this school system a great place to attend.  This message will be lengthy, so please listen to the entire message. This message can also be read on the district website or on your students school website.

I am sure you have been made aware of the new variant Omicron that has made its way into our community. This variant is easily transmitted and hitting our community and those surrounding us hard.

We have two goals.

The first goal is keeping our students, teachers, parents and administration safe through this pandemic.

Our second goal is to keep our schools open so our children will continue their academic growth with limited disruption.

We have been successful with keeping our students in school, as well as safe, for a full year with limited disruptions.  So, we are going to make sure this continues.

Coosa County Schools will go back to mandatory mask mandates while in Coosa County School buildings and continue to be worn on school buses. Masks will be optional outside of those facilities.  

This Mandate will continue through the month of January.  We will watch what is developing and re-assess February 1st on the current status of COVID outbreaks.

Benefits of mask wearing are  Students will be protected from transmission of COVID and When we have a Positive case of a student in our school, we will not have to quarantine those around them as long as masks are worn.

Parents, we ask that you send your students to school with masks each day and take temperatures each day prior to sending students to school. Also, Communicate with your students school nurse of positive cases. 

We need to continue to work together to get through these crazy times.  Just know we will do everything we can to ensure your students safety and academic growth through the COVID pandemic.

Thank you for all you do.  We look forward to seeing our students on Tuesday.

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