Coosa County Schools Meal Charge Policy


The following policy is in force for the sole purpose of stopping the continuous meal charges by students that result in many hours of unsuccessful attempts by Child Nutrition Program employees and school office personnel to collect said charges.

This policy would eliminate the need for Principals to maintain accounts to cover unpaid negative balances at the end of the year by students who have charged multiple times. Unpaid balances cannot carry over from one year to the next by the Child Nutrition Program.

The general policy is not to allow students to charge their meals to the Child Nutrition Program at any time. Each school, however, may develop a charge policy that is separate from the Child Nutrition Program that best suits their needs and the needs of their students. The charge policy of each school is made with the understanding that it is each school’s responsibility to collect those charges in a reasonable time to clear any negative balance that shows on each child’s account. It is not the responsibility of the Child Nutrition Program staff to collect those charges. Each school that has developed a charge policy has to clear any unpaid balances at the end of the school year. Below is the policy for each school in the Coosa County School System.

Elementary School – Students in grades K-4 shall not charge any meals to the Child Nutrition Program. However, in cases of emergency, students in grades K-4 may charge up to (2) times with the parent/guardian being notified after the first charge. It shall be the responsibility of the Elementary School Principal and/or the school office staff to collect these charges in a reasonable time frame. After 2(two) unpaid charges the student will be given an alternate meal until charges are paid.

Middle School – Students in grades 5-8 shall not charge any meals to the Child Nutrition Program. In cases of emergency, the student should be sent to the office to make arrangements for their parent/guardian to bring money from home.

High School – Students in grades 9-12 shall not charge any meals to the Child Nutrition Program.

This policy is not to embarrass or punish any student, but it is developed to discourage the abuse to our Child Nutrition Program with continuous charges by the students. It is ultimately the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make sure that their child has enough money to cover their meals each day.