Coosa County Schools


The following is a message from Central High School regarding changes in course offerings for  the upcoming school year.


We are pleased to announce the addition of six new course electives for the upcoming school year:

·          Journalism

·         Child Development

·         IT Fundamentals

·         Networking

·         Law in Society

·         Emergency Services


The following courses will not be offered this fall:

·         Sports Medicine

·         Horticulture

·         Landscaping

Students who had previously requested these courses will need to choose alternate electives.


Incoming freshmen need to request at least one elective from the following list:

·         Academic Bowl

·         Robotics

·         Journalism

·         Vocal Ensemble

·         Creative Writing


Students should complete a written course request at the school office by July 23 in order to have their schedules updated before school starts.


Be sure to meet our new school counselor when you come.


Email requests should contain full student name, date of birth, and grade level for the upcoming year.


 Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It. 

 We believe:

 ·   The education of students is a responsibility shared by students, faculty and staff, parents, and the community. 

·   All students must have opportunities to learn and to be successful. 

·   Maximum student learning takes place in a positive environment that includes consistency and structure.

·   When engaged in rigorous, authentic learning activities that target a variety of learning styles, all students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to attain personal and professional success.